Awards and Achievements

At Watershed RDA, we offer fantastic learning opportunities in an environment that is supportive, engaging, rewarding…and fun!

Did you know that our riders can undertake RDA Proficiency Tests?

We offer a range of awards for Riding, Horse Care & Welfare.

For full details of all of our awards and qualifications, please speak to a member of our team using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Awards and Achievements 2021

Endurance Tests

This new  RDA Endurance League has proved very popular, and several of our riders have achieved the 5km and 10km distance rosettes.

Riders who are able to ride out on a hack in the countryside can accumulate distances on their own time card. These are logged on the internet each month with National RDA. 

Once they have achieved 5, 10, or 25 kilometres the riders are awarded with a special rosette. 

Virtual National Dressage Competition

Three of our riders qualified to go through to the National Level of the Virtual Dressage Competition.

Louise Rounds came first in her class for the visually impaired, making her a National Champion!

Fiona Tovey came second place in her class.

Penny Thomas came 6th place in her class.

These are truly wonderful results., and a great accolade to Watershed RDA.  Congratulations!

Five of our riders entered the Virtual Regional Dressage Competition

They had special coaching from Nicky, practiced hard, and needed to learn a particular dressage test. On the day, they needed to dress smartly (as did their ponies!) and a video was taken of their performance.

Penny Thomas rode Copper, Louise Rounds rode Jessie, and Fiona Tovey rode Smartie. They all won their own classes and qualified for the National Level Competition!

Karen Orsler rode Copper, and Amy Williams rode Finn. They were second and third in their classes respectively.

These were remarkable achievements, and we are so very proud of them all!

Proficiency Tests

Many congratulations to Emma and Coco who both passed their Grade 1 Pony care and Riding tests.

Awards and Achievements 2020

Well done to the following rid​ers who undertook and passed Proficiency tests in March of this year. We are so proud of their achievements!

Grade 3  Pony care and Riding

Ellie,  Charlotte,  Karen,  Louise and Fiona T

Grade 4  Pony care and Riding

Fiona B

First hack​ out

This is Gwendolyn riding 'Ben' on her very first hack out round the village, and into the countryside.

It was big smiles all the way!

Well done Gwendolyn.

Awards and Achievements 2019

A large number of our riders achieved graded awards this year. Congratulations to the following:

Grade 1 Pony Care and Riding                        

Natalie, Harry, Arabella and Ellie

Grade 2 Pony Care and Riding                      

Louise, Fiona Tovey, Julia and Chloe

Grade 1 Pony Care and Grade 2 Riding   


Grade 3 Pony Care and Riding                     

Fiona Brown

Grade 4 Pony Care and Riding                        

Penny and Sue