Events and Fundraising

As you can appreciate, the regular costs of the upkeep of our ponies, our premises, and our facilities are significant.

We receive no funding from National RDA or elsewhere, so it is down to us to fundraise on a continual basis. 

Our RDA group  organises many fun and varied fundraising activities and projects throughout the year, and would so appreciate it if you could  support our efforts by taking part, helping with, or sponsoring any of these.

Thank You!

Pot of Gold

These Pots of Gold are a very popular and productive way of raising much needed funds for Watershed RDA.

The idea is to save all your copper coloured loose change (ie 2p's and 1p's ) into an old yoghurt pot.. and when it is full, you can hand this treasure in to us in the Mess room. We will then count it and put in in our bank to boost our coffers.

It's amazing how much it adds up to!

We can supply you with a pot ready to start saving..or you can make your own. 

Thank you SO much in advance!