Our Ponies

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Finn is on loan to Watershed from Claudette Lambert. He is a Welsh Section D, very handsome and much loved by his owner. He was foaled in 1999 and is 14.2hh. He had a previous career in the show ring and does like to show off. He is much admired by all our riders and has adapted well to his new role.

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Copper is a chestnut gelding foaled in 1999 and is kindly on loan to Watershed RDA by the Belton family. He is particularly well schooled, having competed in many competitions in his time. He is very kind and loves attention, and is proving to be a very popular member of our team. However, he does refuse to go out on rides without any of his pony friends with him!

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Jessie is a very pretty coloured mare, foaled in 2004, and is kindly on loan from Di Alexander. She has a very placid and easy going nature, and gives our riders great confidence.

Earlier in her career she spent some time as part of the Gifford’s circus team. However, it turned out that she really wasn’t any good at doing the tricks!

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Little Mozart (Mo)

Mo is a piebald gelding. We are not sure of his exact date of foaling, but we believe it to be 2011. This makes him the very youngest of our team of ponies.

He is a playful character and will get into mischief whenever he can – especially when your back is turned! However, he is a steady boy, looks after our riders well, and is much loved.

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