Our Current Ponies

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Ben belongs to one of our volunteers, Kate Beim, who brings him to the stable yard every week in her horse lorry. He is a very well loved tiny 10hh family pony who has given many grand children, children and their friends their first rides. He does everything – general riding, pony club, gymkhana, show jumping, polo and even hunting. He is boss man at home in his field, even though he is always the smallest. He is adept at finding escape routes out of the paddock so being small is advantageous, and the bigger horses cannot follow him! He loves coming to RDA where he takes great care of all his riders.

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Finn was very kindly gifted to Watershed by Claudette Lambert. He is a Welsh Section D cob, very handsome and much loved. He was foale​d in 1999 and is 14.2hh. He had a previous career in the show ring and does like to show off and be admired. He is now an established member of our group of ponies and has adapted well to his new role. 

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Copper is a chestnut gelding, foaled in 1999 and is kindly on loan to Watershed RDA by the Belton family. He is particularly well schooled, and very forward going. He really loves to jump too, having competed in many competitions in his time. He is very kind and loves attention, and is proving to be a very popular member of our pony team.

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Jessie is a very pretty coloured mare, foaled in 2004, and is kindly on loan from Di Alexander. She has a very placid and easy going nature, and gives our riders great confidence.

Earlier in her career she spent some time as part of the Gifford’s circus team. However, it turned out that she really wasn't consistently good at doing the tricks! She is happy in her new role with us however, and is always willing.

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Jerry was foaled in about 2015, making him currently the youngest member of our pony team.

He is a very pretty 14 hh gypsy-type cob, owned by Laura Cole and her family.

He is very kindly on loan to us during term time, and returns home to his family during the holidays.

Laura adopted Jerry as a youngster from an animal cruelty charity, and he has had a very happy and fulfilling life as an all-rounder pony ever since. 

Since he is so calm, kind and willing, he is a perfect addition to Watershed RDA and a firm favourite of many of our riders.

Some of our previous ponies:

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Siwan was a very pretty  13.2hh chestnut mare, foaled in 2004 which made her the youngest member of our pony team at the time. 

Being a Welsh cob, Section C, it was fitting that her name was Welsh too (pronounced Sue-Ann).

We are very grateful to the Waite family  who kindly loaned her to us for well over a year, as she was a much loved asset to the Watershed team. She  returned home to her owners in February 2022.

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Smartie was a piebald gelding, was born in 2000 and 13.1 hh. He was a very kind and gentle pony, and he always looked after his riders exceptionally well. He really loved his work with the RDA, was never worried about anything, and never wanted to be left out. He was such asset to the group as he could be ridden by both children and lightweight adults .

Due to an incurable problem with one of his eyes, it needed to be surgically removed. He adapted  remarkably well to this, and carried on his good work with much happiness for several years. Sadly. however, the condition flared up in his remaining eye, and he also developed other serious incurable neurological problems. On the advice of our vet, he was put to sleep just before Christmas in 2021. He is greatly missed by so many.

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Misty used to come to Watershed RDA with her little friend Ben, and is owned by Kate Beim. 

Misty was a very perky 11.2hh  grey mare, and her kind nature  gave great confidence to many children, and grandchildren in  her life time. 

She started her RDA career at the grand old age of 25 years, and her riders and all those who knew her here at Watershed fell in love with her engaging ways and jolly stride.

She died at a very grand old age in  March 2020, and is still missed by many.

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Mo was a 13 hh piebald gypsy cob. We believe he was foaled in 2011, which made him the very youngest of our team of ponies at the time.

He had a playful character and would get into mischief whenever he could,  becoming a great favourite with our riders.

He was a steady boy most of the time but he was a bit too unreliable to be safe enough for our riders. Since he was so young, we felt that he would have a more fulfilling life with someone else.

He went off to his new happy home in May 2020. We all miss his mischievous antics!

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Connor was a very talented 13.2hh Connemara pony.  

He was highly valued and loved amongst us all for his energetic forward going personality and his ability to perform very accurate dressage tests for our riders. He was with Watershed RDA for many years, having originally come from the Isle of Wight. 

Very sadly he had to be put to sleep in February 2019, due to incurable issues related to his ripe old age.