Support and Donations


Watershed RDA offers an incredible, life changing experience for people of all ages. There’s something special about working with and riding horses that provides therapy, development and learning opportunities for people whose lives can be limited.

We have no paid employees – all our work is done by volunteers. Horses eat money! We need to buy feed, get them shod by the farrier, look after their health and keep them in fields for which we pay rent. We also need to buy and look after all the tack and rugs for the ponies and some of the rider’s equipment.

We do not get any money from the National RDA. All our income has to be raised by us. Our riders pay a nominal fee but most of our money has to be raised from grants, donations from well wishers and from organised fundraising events.

If you would like to be actively involved with us or are considering becoming a Friend of the Watershed Group, please contact us by using any of the details at the bottom of this page, we will be delighted to help.


You can donate to us online via the Charities Aid Foundation. Please click the link and search for ‘Watershed Riding for the Disabled Association’ or use our charity number: ‘1164924’.

Charities Aid Foundation Search

You can donate by credit/debit card or set up an account with the Charities Aid Foundation. You may also donate anonymously. If you would like to make a regular donation to Watershed RDA, please consider becoming a Friend.

For further information on donations, please contact us by using any of the details at the bottom of this page.